South Korea Benchmark

South Korea Benchmark Case Study

Although South Korea is in many respects different from Africa, still some lessons can be learned from its approach to the 4IR. The history of South Korea shows that it might be a good strategy to invest in small local companies intending to use new 4IR technologies in their business. The Korean government is investing in creating an environment where there is room to experiment with 4IR technologies, following a planning with clear – ambitious – targets and a strategic high-level committee of public and private figure heads supporting and giving direction to the implementation of 4IR technologies in several sectors. The focus is first on national niches before focusing on export. Several national institutes play an important role in the country’s technological and economic development. South Korea also builds some links to societal challenges in their innovation investments for technologies, like those for the 4IR.


Ivette Oomens, Chiel Scholten, Francie Sadeski, Matthieu Lacave