Nigeria Country Case Study

Overall, a combination of IoT, Big Data and AI is expected to transform many sectors of Nigeria’s economy, from agriculture to healthcare. Drones may play an important role in modernising farming and infrastructure maintenance, but this depends on overcoming regulatory hurdles. 3D printing appears to have limited potential, also in the context of Nigeria’s underdeveloped manufacturing sector. Blockchain can be expected to play an even more important role in FinTech in the future and in creating markets and platforms for data-sharing. There are already plenty of use cases in agriculture for 4IR technologies, especially for drones in combination with IoT in driving precision farming and Blockchain in facilitating the trading of agricultural commodities. In energy, it is mostly related to Blockchain-powered trading platforms and Big Data being used to efficiently install micro-grids. Additionnally, 4IR transforms Nigeria’s education and healthcare systems, notably using AI to predict epidemic outbreaks and using AR/VR to modernise educational experiences.


Karine Kouassi Lou, Stephan, Kreutzer, Francie Sadeski, Matthieu Lacave and Fiona Merkl