Morocco Country Case Study

Morocco is anchored in the liberal open market economy and missing the 4IR train is therefore not an option. However, traditional activities and jobs are also threatened by 4IR technologies. Morocco has therefore the challenge to create added value. The World Bank has defined the cost of not stepping in the 4IR at a loss of 2% of GDP for Morocco. Undergoing the necessary steps to adopt these technologies turns out to be a geostrategic challenge. One of the first steps is to fully engage in ICT take-up by the government sector, the private sector and citizens. While acknowledging the threat of spreading its resources and efforts widely, Morocco focuses on the IoT, AI then eventually Virtual Reality and Big Data and the Ministry of Industry is focusing on e-government (likewise Tunisia), agriculture, energy (renewable energies), industry and mobility (smart cities).


Karine Kouassi Lou, Francie Sadeski, Matthieu Lacave