Case studies

Cameroon Country Case Study

Cameroon is at an early stage in the 4IR. There is awareness of 4IR and manufacturing and industrial companies have the intent to transform their efforts (…)

Morocco Country Case Study

Morocco is anchored in the liberal open market economy and missing the 4IR train is therefore not an option. (…)

Nigeria Country Case Study

Overall, a combination of IoT, Big Data and AI is expected to transform many sectors of Nigeria‚Äôs economy, from agriculture to healthcare. (…)

South Africa Country Case Study

The 4th Industrial Revolution presents a vital opportunity for industrial development in South Africa. However, the 4IR is also likely to marginalise the poor and the disadvantaged, who will not be able to keep abreast of rapid technological advancement and innovation. (…)

Uganda Country Case Study

As of the end of 2018, there were approximately half a million cellular IoT connections in Uganda, which makes it the seventh largest cellular IoT market in Sub-Saharan Africa (…)

South Korea Benchmark

Although South Korea is in many respects different from Africa, still some lessons can be learned from its approach to the 4IR. (…)

India Benchmark

The Indian experience with 4IR technologies provides some valuable lessons for African decision-makers. (…)

SADC Regulation

At an African level, the Malabo Convention and its implementing guidelines already provide a harmonized framework for data protection. Efforts should be placed in implementing that Convention at the regional and national level. (…)