Cameroon Country Case Study

Cameroon is at an early stage in the 4IR. There is awareness of 4IR and manufacturing and industrial companies have the intent to transform their efforts, expand and optimise their entire value chain of the products and services that they offer and to understand the need to develop a broader strategy but do not have the expertise or finances to carry out these actions. Within government circles, e-government is the order of the day and the valorisation and application of 4IR technologies has not yet been mastered. Given that the clustering of these technologies requires internet access, the government is doing much to make improvements to IT infrastructure, increasing access to faster broadband internet. On the demand side, there is an invigorating awareness and energy with the start-ups and with young people and with some knowledgeable individual experts. Overall, there is a real business case for the use of drones in agriculture in Cameroon.


Tata Dinyuy Bolivian, Aurélien Seawert, Francie Sadeski, Matthieu Lacave